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Baseball Card Prank

Baseball Card Prank

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We came up with a little prank we are going to try on our unsuspecting neighbors. It involves a replica of the extremly rare T206 Honus Wagner baseball card.

If you don't know what this card is, it's the most valuable baseball card in the world. The holy grail of baseball cards, the best condition copy ever found sold for over $3 million dollars at auction. Honus Wagner was a really good baseball player back in the early days of the sports beginnings. He currently is listed in the Hall of Fame as one of the all time greats. What makes the card so valuable is its rarity. It's estimated that only 200 of the cards were ever produced which were placed into cigarette packages at the time as a buyers incentive. Today less than 50 still exist, and being so old it's hard to find them in great shape. Wouldn't it be amazing to find one in your backyard?

That's the good luck our neighbor is going to have. We plan to purchase a replica T206 Honus Wagner baseball card, beat it up just a little bit, then hide it in our neighbors yard where he will find it next time he is out cutting his grass. Maybe to enhance the illusion we will place in it an old tin box or something and stick it in the dirt. Then one day he will find it and wonder what it is. As most people would, we're sure he will head into the house and Google it - thinking he made the find of a lifetime. Then the local baseball card store will get a good laugh at his expense when they get to break the news that he can't retire to the Bahamas.

Now before you go and call us mean, our neighbor is a real jerk. He is always playing really loud annoying music. If that isn't enough, he has a lot of ugly lawn ornaments. So we owe him. You can get a copy of the famous and valuable baseball card on Ebay for around a buck for your own prank. Be sure to comment below and tell us how your neighbor reacted.


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