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Man Steals 4-Foot-Long Python From Pet Store By Stuffing It Down His Pants

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Man Steals 4-Foot-Long Python From Pet Store By Stuffing It Down His Pants

ROCKWOOD, MI — Police are hunting for a man who shoplifted a python from a pet store by stuffing it down his pants. Security video has been released, and police are asking for the public’s help to identify the snake-snatcher.

The video depicts a man walking into the I Love My Pets shop in Rockwood on March 20. He then reaches into a glass tank, scoops out a four-foot-long ball python named Noodle, and calmly inserts the snake inside the front of his pants. Afterward, the suspect then casually strolls away.

Workers only noticed that Noodle had flown the coop when the snake’s arranged buyer showed up to take the pet home. The staff then checked the security footage and saw what happened.

Emily Scheiwe, an I Love My Pets employee, told Fox 2 Detroit, “Ball pythons normally like dark areas, so [the snake] probably wasn’t freaking out. I think that’s why he didn’t really struggle very much.”

Noodle is not venomous, but Schweie added, “It could definitely bite him. I’ve been bitten by my own [pet snake]. It’s definitely not fun, so I couldn’t imagine, in a sensitive area, getting bitten by a snake. He’s pretty brave! I would not stick a snake in my pants!”

Callie McElroy, another I Love My Pets worker, said, “We’re just still amazed. That guy is absolutely insane for not knowing the snake and just putting it down the front of his pants — because that’s a little bit dangerous!”

Noodle, who is also sometimes called "Pasta," is valued at about $100. The money is not important, though. I Love My Pets staffers say they would love for Noodle to be returned, but really they just want to be sure their snake friend is safe and receiving the proper care.