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What To Do If You Think You're Being Followed

What To Do If You Think You're Being Followed

If you have ever felt like you were being followed, it’s a pretty scary feeling. Usually, it just ends up being someone who happened to be going the same way that you were. But it’s not uncommon for criminals to choose a victim and follow them until an opportunity to strike pops up. So if you think you are being followed here are some things to keep in mind to try to shake a tail, and possibly keep yourself from becoming a victim.

What To Do If You Think You're Being Followed

Use technology to your advantage and try to get in view of video cameras so that you have a record of what happened. Keep an eye out for cctv security cameras around businesses, and try to head towards places like convenience stores and gas stations that keep cameras around. You could also try to use your cell phone to casually get a picture or video of the threat. Raise your phone as if to check it and set your camera to selfie mode (reverse) so that you can see who and what is behind you. If things look suspicious, it’s time to take action.

Trust your gut and instincts. If you have an overwhelming feeling that your safety is at risk - stay calm and don’t try to confront the person. First you may be wrong that they are following you. Second, you may startle them and cause them to react rashly or violently. Instead, focus on getting to a safe location where you can reassess your situation.

Stay in well-lit areas and try to head for a busy store or place where you have many people around. Even though you don’t want to confront your tracker, you do want to stay aware of where they are in relation to you. Rather than turning around and making them aware that you are aware, instead try to keep an eye on them by looking casually into store and car windows, and even mirrors if there are any around, to keep track of the spy. If it’s getting dark, pay attention to shadows around you on the sidewalk and on building walls.

Verify that you are being followed by trying to shake your tail. Change directions suddenly, cross the street back and forth several times, take turns around corners to try to elude the tail. This will force them to reveal their plan. Also, pay attention if other people are nearby and if they react to the person following you. We can often tell that something isn’t right by how others react.

What To Do If You Think You're Being Followed

When all else fails, if you think your tail is closing in and you think you have a clear cut direction to take, run as hard as you can. Your number one priority is getting to safety as soon as possible. Scream as loud as you can and create a disturbance. A criminal doesn’t want any attention so give them plenty of it. He may back off. Look for police to wave down, and if there is nowhere at all to run to look for something to be used as a defensive weapon and prepare to give the attacker the fight of a lifetime.



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