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What is Stochastic Terrorism?

What is Stochastic Terrorism?

The term Stochastic Terrorism is relatively new invention of the media, and one that you are likely to hear increasingly more as the right free speech is infringed upon. Lets take a look at the history of the term, and explain why understanding the meaning of stochastic terrorism is so important in today's political climate.

What is Stochastic Terrorism?

You may previously have heard the term lone wolf terrorism. Stochastic terrorism is an expanded repackaging, or renaming of that same idea. The term lone wolf terrorism first came into use during the 1990's when referring to the white supremacist movement. The idea was that disgruntled, angry lone operators could effect change outside of organized groups. Think of a single individual carrying out short, targeted attacks in near anonymity. If you have ever seen the movie Fight Club, the "homework" assignments that Tyler Durden provided his followers will give you a pretty good idea of what lone wolf terrorism looks like.

Lone wolf acts are very rare, though data suggests that the number of occurrences is increasing. At the core, the lone wolf aims to advance a philosophical agenda without an actual directive to do so. Since they answer to no organized group, authorities have difficulty monitoring these potential threats since they rarely participate in any group activities.

What is Stochastic Terrorism?

More recently, the lone wolf concept has evolved into a more blanket term: Stochastic Terrorism. The new terminology focuses on the motives of the actor and their philosophical agenda. According to Dictionary.com: "the public demonization of a person or group resulting in the incitement of a violent act, which is statistically probable but whose specifics cannot be predicted." Notice that the implication is that those who "demonize" another are encouraging violence against them.

The evolution of the term is important in today's political climate. Notice how we increasingly see media label free thought and freedom of speech as "hate speech" - and now have packaged that expression under the banner of terrorism. Express an opinion which doesn't agree with whom your speaking, and they could easily say "I'm offended and feel threatened". Guess what - you're guilty of a form of terrorism.

This may sound like a little bit of a stretch, but just recently we have seen the invention of a new term “microaggression” which is a small act of aggression against another person - as they perceive it. You may be guilty of a micro aggression by refusing to use the correct sexual identifier. If someone considers themselves gender fluid, intersex, etc. and you don't get the terminology correct - you have micro-agressed. Think a self defined plus-sized model is just fat? You have also made an act of aggression against them -as defined under our new limited freedom of speech.

What is Stochastic Terrorism?

Popular left wing websites have begun to use the term stochastic terrorism when referring to "right-wing radio and TV agitators". Does that sound like an agenda to control free speech and opinion that doesn't fit within the status quo? Cyber bullying has also been referred to as stochastic terrorism along with anything that is considered to be racist, homophobic or transphobic. And by placing the label of hate speech on everything, and making free thought seem like an act of aggression and potential 'terrorism', those who pull the strings are now able to limit what we see on social media. Just about every platform - Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc - have come under fire for pulling content that doesn't fit withing what it very narrowly defined scope of acceptability.

Just to refresh your memory, here is the First Amendment of the Constitution:

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Do you still blindly believe that there is still free speech?