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Birds Aren't Real? Another Conspiracy Debunked

Birds are Not Real? conspiracy theory

One of the weirdest conspiracies that we have come across as of late involves birds. Followers of this conspiracy theory think that birds are not real. In fact, they are just government controlled robots used to spread disease. Some theorists even believe that the robotic birds are being used to spread panic about vaccinations.

This one was too far out there to not look at deeper, so we did some research and learned that the idea of birds not being real has been around for awhile now. The avian conspiracy was started by a college student, 20 year old Peter McIndoe, who is a an English and philosophy major at the University of Memphis in Tennessee. He first introduced his theory in January 2017 at of all places, a Women's March.

It looks like Richard Nixon is to blame. According to McIndoles site, birds were developed as a form of technological surveillance to monitor American civilians. The CIA killed 12 billion feathered fugitives because operators within the organization were “annoyed that birds had been dropping fecal matter on their car windows.” The bird targets were exterminated between 1959 and 1971 with specially altered B-52 bombers stocked with poison (perhaps this is the origin of our Chemtrails?). They were then replaced with avian-like robots that could be used to monitor Americans. A YouTube channel offers some behind the scenes words with the conspiracy's creator, and a quick history of how the information came to public knowledge. Sounds convincing, except the timeline seems a little out of wack if you're going to blame Nixon alone.

Originally, the conspiracy was meant as a joke and McIndole stated on Facebook in November 2017 “I made a satirical movement a few months ago, and people on Instagram seem to like it a lot,” adding “now there's a Facebook so the moms of the current ‘bird truthers’ can be in on it too.” The the conspiracy spread like wildfire when Chicago-based journalist Robert Loerzel tweeted a photo of a Birds Aren’t Real flier he found on the street, leading to a large following and the conspiracy founder back tracking on his statement that it was all done in satire. He then said that the old Facebook comment was not him, “That was actually by a staff member who has since been removed.”

To McIndoles credit, the CIA itself has fueled the conspiracy with some interesting tweets. Here is a CIA tweet which Birds Aren't Real Retweeted - it's a pigeon camera that is in the CIA Museum.

pigeon camera that is in the CIA Museum

So as interesting as the conspiracy theory that Birds Aren't Real is, there is zero evidence to back up the statements. It seems that the creator, Peter McIndoe, is a quick witted college student poking fun at the whole conspiracy movement. We don't think he aims to be mean - but he is probably selling too many t-shirts to come clean on his made up conspiracy. Not to mention, if he was smart enough to minor in marketing - this viral internet scam is sure to earn him an 'A' on his final project.

The Birds Aren't Real Conspiracy has made its presence known with dedicated social media sites: Follow the conspiracy on Twitter, which claims "they used to be. Until 2001. When the last real bird died, allowing the U.S. government to replace the species with drone replicas." Then there is a website that describes itself as a movement which you can visit here. It definitely makes this conspiracy feel like a marketing ploy since the site has plenty of t-shirts for-sale featuring its message, and urges its followers to 'stay woke'.

Feel free to chime in on the comments below about this one and let us know if we missed something that backs up the conspiracy.

Birds are Not Real? conspiracy theory

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