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What is Sexy: Tomi Lahren

In case you didn't know, Tomi Lahren is a political commentator and self described "constitutional conservative" known for her time on shows like The Blaze and Fox News. This week she has been feuding with rapper the Game on Instagram after the rapper made several comments about how she 'earned' her way to the top, then called her racist. He also claimed that Tomi had plastic surgery after posting a high school photo of her. The rapper claimed his comments were deleted by Instagram after they suddenly disappeared. Pretty silly right? Who cares if she had work done? After all, just about everyone in the public spotlight does something to augment their appearance. But we don't think it's cool to attack her with left field comments. So that's why we show support for Tomi Lahren by featuring her in the weeks What is Sexy. We believe she is a strong female role model - even if we don't agree with everything she says. In case you were wondering, the petite blonde comes from German and Norwegian decent, and stands in at 5'-5" tall and an estimated 110 pounds - making her a size 4. Her measurements check in at 34B-24-35. So rappers like to pick on small girls we guess. Show support for Tomi Lahren by following her on Instagram and Facebook.

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