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More TV Show Ideas

original tv show ideas for netflix

After our first round of original TV show ideas, we kept brainstorming and came up with ten more. If you missed the first list, get up to speed by clicking here. Then, go ahead and read this list and tell us what you think. Do you have any television show ideas we can add to it? We are hoping Netflix reaches out to put some of our ideas into production. We are confident these shows are what real men want to see and will have some huge ratings.

original tv show ideas for netflix

Invited to the Illuminati

Marlon is a down on his luck heavy equipment operator from Detroit. One night when he is just Netflixin' and Chillin' he replies to a spam email inviting him to join the Illuminati. Two days later, a mysterious Nigerian man knocks on his door and says "You replied to my email. Come with me". Frightened, yet intrigued, Marlon follows him and is shown the dark underworld of the Illuminati. The question is: Will Marlon reveal the Illuminati Secrets to save humanity, or fall victim to their evil ways in their quest for world domination?

original tv show ideas for netflix


Most people think ghosts are at least a little bit scary. Not Jackie. She married a ghost. And had sex with it. And had ghost babies. That is what she claims. The camera follows Jackie and her ghost family through their daily activities. We don't actually see anybody but Jackie, but on occasion an object moves in the corner. Did Frank, her ghost husband move it? Or was that just a breeze through the house? Tune in to find out!

original tv show ideas for netflix

How Thirsty are You?

Each episode, 5 beta males are chosen and given the chance at sex – with a twist. The girl who will take their virginity is an obese feminist who will humiliate and degrade them the whole time. The audience gets to watch the silhouette of the act taking place behind a screen. So the question is – just how thirsty for sex are they?

If they choose the feminist, they lose their v-card at the price of their self respect, though we will provide a video of the act so they can prove to their nerd buddies that yes they “had sex”. If they politely decline – and show true alpha potential - we reward them with a date and potential sex with a solid 7 or better.

original tv show ideas for netflix

When Life Gives You Lemos

This show is a behind the scenes miniseries that could parlay into a full time reality show, following the sexy midget Karina Lemos. It’s a feel good show all about not letting adversity stand in your way. Of course, we get plenty of sexy looks and bikini shots from the world’s sexiest midget.

original tv show ideas for netflix

Whisky Dick

This show idea is kinda like a game show meets dating game. The set is a bar and guys come on and get really drunk. Like so drunk they cant get it up and you know, suffer from whisky dick. Then, perfect 10's in lingerie and sexy clothes who are just ready and willing to have sex come out and meet the guys - making their intentions of no strings attached sex known. But the funny thing is - none of the guys can get it up because they have whisky dick. I guess if one of the dudes can step up to the plate and perform he wins a prize like $10k or something on top of banging a perfect 10.

original tv show ideas for netflix

Pumpkin Head

In a game show mimicking the outrageous Japanese style, contestants place a pumpkin over their heads and navigate through an obstacle course fraught with dangers like beds of nails, cobras, man made lightning bolts etc. If the contestant makes it to the end of the course, they must face one final boss - Bernie Sanders. If they beat him in a best of three tic tac toe match they keep the one million dollar cash prize at a normal tax rate. If Bernie wins, millennial’s storm the stage and take all the winnings to pay off their student loan debt.

original tv show ideas for netflix

Horsewatch / Doctor Laura Horse Rescuer

Laura is a veterinarian who runs a horse rescue and training facility in Colorado. It’s a touching, heartwarming show about equestrian riding set in a beautiful mountain backdrop. Best thing is that Laura is super-hot. Like a perfect hourglass brunette with bright eyes who is always riding horses on the show. So it's like Baywatch on horseback. Or sorta like Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman with lots of bouncing action.

original tv show ideas for netflix

Thicc or Nahh?

Self-described “thicc” girls go before a panel of judges for a definitive answer to the question : are you thick? or Nahh - just fat. Though the women are treated with respect, our judges are brutally honest in letting the deluded ones know that ‘girl you ain’t thick you’re fat’.

The show is a public service because there are just to many women who think they are curvy when in fact they are simply obese, and we have an opportunity to match curvy girls with men who appreciate their plus size. You see, after the final vote, audiences members are given a chance to vote if they would hard pass on the thick girl, or like to know more about her. One panel member is randomly chosen for a date with the guest. Choose wisely fellas - you can only choose one thicc girl for a date.

original tv show ideas for netflix


In this manly show, a bunch of historical re-enactor type guys recreate scenes from the classic movie 300 that had all those buff dudes with six pack abs doing all kinds of military maneuvers trying to defeat the Persians. The twist to the show is that our re-enactors all weigh 300 pounds. Hilarious. The biggest, fattest guy on set gets to play King Leonidas. This show would be pretty cheap to produce because history re-enactors usually bring their own stuff and can make their own clothes and props. And all the dudes are shirtless.

original tv show ideas for netflix

King for a Weekend

Hosted by Danny Devito, or Kevin Hart, average guys are given the chance to see what it’s like to be the object of female desire. We gather 3 guys and fly them into a happening city, give them a crash course on pick up artistry, then set them loose for a week. Short, bald, chubby and otherwise passed over average guys are given the keys to a penthouse apartment and a Lamborghini to go with a nice suit, a $25,000 expense account, and massive carat cubic zirconia ring as they hunt for gold diggers/ search for their soul mate.

Our cameras follow the action as women flock to them, suddenly much more attractive with their flashy displays of wealth. Sunday night the guys propose to one girl and the jokes on her - the guy is poor! We laugh our ass off on Monday morning while lying in bed, after Sunday nights “honeymoon” celebration, when the guy reveals to his perfect ten love of a lifetime that he has no money - and surprisingly she wants an annulment. Sorta like The Bachelor but more realistic.

What do you think of these TV show ideas? Would you watch any of them if they were on Netflix?

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