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Gender-Fluid Sex Worker Shocks Twitter by Licking an Airplane Toilet Seat

A video posted to Twitter is going viral and has already racked up a ton of views. In the mile high stunt, a gender fluid attention whore licks the toilet seat of an airplane. The poster later tweeted I can't 'believe Twitter made me famous for licking a toilet.'

The video was posted by the Twitter user called 'Grimiestt' who seems to be genuinely grimy since it has been revealed that they are also a sex worker based in Brooklyn, New York.

The clown world of social media, which usually encourages all forms of degeneracy, surprisingly has not been supportive. Most have voiced their disgust at the strange antic. After announcing that their tongue had went numb, one person replied: 'It’s numb because you just contracted 1200 diseases at once.' Another simply said 'I'm deeply concerned.''

Not much makes us want to throw up, but this does. 'Grimiestt' has reportedly posted x-rated content on social media before which we made no effort to find because we don't wanna see it. This is why we have always been selective in who we make out with. Hopefully, the video below makes you think twice about it to: