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TV Shows We Would Like to See

You know, we can barely find anything to watch on TV. It’s just like blah. There is Project Blue Book and Vikings, and the Netflix Marvel lineup was pretty decent but just got cancelled … so it's pretty slim pickings when we are looking to Netflix and chill.

We spent the day brainstorming and have put together some show ideas for things we would like to see. Some are serious, some are fun but we think they all make for binge worthy watching. Not to mention these are some real manly shows focused on topics men care about. Check out our list of TV show ideas and tell us what you think. If you’re a producer - get in contact so we can work out the details. We can provide a full treatment or script later if you are ready to put one of our show ideas into production.


Kevin is a real asshole. People love to hate him, but he is the world's leading brain surgeon and motorcycle mechanic. Not to mention that damn, he is so good looking. Girls wanna be with him, and guys wanna be him. This show is like Grey's Anatomy if the guys weren’t such pussies. Maybe later in the season he develops a ketamine addiction after a motorcycle crash? Of course, Kevin scores plenty of ladies in the show.


Being a bookie is tough. Sometimes people place bets they can't afford and don't pay. But you have a wife and kids to feed. The law is no help because betting on games is often illegal so you need to take matters into your own hands. Watch as Chaz the Bookie collects debts and breaks a few bones along the way. Think Dog the Bounty Hunter if he was in the mafia.

Have Mask, Will Travel or Cartel Country

Arturo has dreams of being a professional wrestler in the United States. He is an up and coming wrestler in Mexico when he wins a match he shouldn't - defeating a guy who works for the Sinaloa Cartel and El Chapo. The Mexican mob takes Arturo's family hostage and demands that he take a dive so they can bet big on the win. Arturo refuses and manages to free his family before the match, then they go on the run knowing El Chapo will have them killed. Arturo then decides he can become a cartel fighting super hero of sorts, dressed as a Mexican wrestler, and stays in cartel country trying to free others from the regime. Think the Punisher meets Hulk Hogan who wanted to be the Captain America of Mexico.

Get Born Again

This gut wrenching reality show follows several men through addiction and alcoholism – a battle many men face. They struggle to maintain careers and their families while fighting the bottle or the needle. Theme music is the Alice in Chains Song “Get Born Again”. The singer Layne Staley suffered from heroin addiction that took his life. This show is along the lines of the rehab themed shows, with a new spin for a modern audience. Show focuses on the functioning side of dependence.

Save Someone

The families of loved ones who committed suicide are interviewed and talk about what signs they saw, and what they think they could have done differently. A special focus is placed on the families of wounded soldiers who could not cope after deployment and their struggles upon returning home with PTSD.


In this sci-fi thriller, James is a young man who is a virtuoso violin player entrusted with a very special instrument by his former teacher before his death - a violin that can stop time in order to travel between dimensions just by playing the right tune. But the last owner of the violin allowed demons to escape into our realm, and James is tasked with returning the demons to where they came from. Think of Ghostbusters traveling in time.

Night Owls

This show follows a Goth family who tend to stay up late and have trouble fitting into their conservative neighborhood. The main character is their hot ass Goth daughter. Think of it as Married with Children in an after dark setting mixed with the Addams Family and Charmed.

Meet the Socialists

A small community of people live on a commune working to produce food, clothing and shelter – only to have a mysterious shadow government take 75% of everything they make. Hilarity ensues as fights break out between the hard working and the lazy. Some are thrown into a time out box. Socialism experiment gone awry similar to movies like the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Meet the Sanders

Airing just after our show Meet the Socialists, Meet the Sanders is an intimate behind the scenes look at Bernie Sanders and his family. The camera follows him through all SEVEN of his humble homes and Bernie even gives the camera man a ride in his Audi R8. Tension builds when a cast member of Meet the Socialists breaks into Bernie's home, steals a paystub and discovers that Sanders only paid a 23% effective tax rate. Bernie is outed in a face to face confrontation between the bourgeois and the working class.

Behind the Bean

This is a reality show meets soap opera that follows the adventures and love lives of coffee shop baristas. Think of it as Real House Wives meets Big Brother. Except all the baristas are hot. Now there is that show about the near-nude coffee shop, but honestly that was a dud. It didn’t have any subplot. Behind the Bean does.


This show has no purpose other than heterosexual male fantasy. Each episode profiles a different sexy girl in her profession: Cosplay Models, Lingerie Models, butt doubles (you know the people who fill in for celebrity body parts), Instagram girls, etc. Sexy ladies who don’t fear showing a little skin. Think of it as our What is Sexy series in television form or Keeping up with the Kardashian’s if they were hot. Of course, there is plenty of gratuitous nudity.

What do you think of our TV show concepts? Would you watch any of them?

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