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Trump Signs Bibles

image from AL.com

We are all in support of the Commander in Chief, regardless of party, but no President should be signing bibles - but that is exactly what President Trump recently did on a trip to tornado ravaged Alabama.

Trump was visiting the Providence Baptist Church in Smiths Station, Alabama which was serving as a distribution point for aid to survivors. The area was hit by a tornado which injured 90 and killed 23 people in a one square mile radius while devastating local homes and businesses in Lee County.

While greeting the locals and first responders, Trump was presented with Bibles to sign. Some commented on the act as a sacrilege, while others saw no issue with the impromptu autograph session. One local named Wayne Flynt, a Southern historian and Baptist deacon, even said “he is for many a messianic figure, which is unbelievable - No need for Jesus, we have Donald."

The state was red in the last election and heavily voted for Trump.

Besides Bibles, he also signed hats and other various items. While were sure he was just obliging the victims and autographing whatever was placed before him, I don't think we need to remind anyone that this is the same guy who paid for sex with Porn Stars. Were not condemning him for that, but no one has the right to sign Bibles.