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Podcastudio Bundle

Podcastudio Bundle

Podcasting has become a popular hobby. If you don’t know what podcasting is, it's kinda like having your own radio show but you can stay home in your underwear and record it. You then produce and edit your own show. You can share it with friends and even offer it on places like Google and apps like Tune In once you get the hang of things and want to share your show with more listeners.

If you have ever thought about setting up your own podcast, like we have, it can be challenging knowing where to start. Even though every podcaster we talk to says it’s a pretty easy thing to it's still intimidating to get started. You need to have a microphone, mixer, and some sort of software to edit everything. We did an Amazon search and ordered this set up because it seemed like a really good value. The Behringer PODCASTUDIO USB Complete Podcastudio Bundle with USB/Audio Interface includes everything you need to get up and running on a podcast quick.

Right now were in test mode on it and have been impressed with the easy set up and we were able to start recording in under an hour. If you have thought about starting your own podcast this just might be the starter kit you need. Get it by clicking here.