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Gun Control and Immigration: A Simple Solution

Today we have decided to write about two topics that are increasingly becoming the center of attention as of late: gun control and immigration. We think there is a simple solution that takes care of both debates. We will present it shortly.

So let's talk about gun control first. It's important to realize where your “rights” come from. They are guaranteed under a document called the Constitution. Think of this document as a contract between you and your government. The Constitution was written as a power check against government. So it's a good thing. Our founding fathers recognized that tyranny had to be prevented and the surest way to do that was to guarantee that every citizen had the right (not requirement) to own a means by which to defend themselves. That includes defense against threats both foreign and domestic. That guarantee is a firearm. Now if you don't want to own a gun, you don't have to. But some of us choose to and don't like to hear that you want to take away our constitutional right.

Now let's talk about immigration. However open you think our borders should be, consider that if even just one person who crosses onto American soil is a threat - then we should guarantee every persons right to defend themselves against that threat. Do you sleep with your doors unlocked? Or do you double check and make sure windows are closed, doors locked before going to bed? When you park your car, do you lock it? I bet that you do in defense against the potential threat of having it stolen. You can choose to leave your car unlocked - but there is a good chance someone will cause you harm when you leave it defenseless against the threat of a car thief. That's why I support the second amendment. I want the right to choose to exercise by constitutionally guaranteed right against harm to me and my family from whatever source. That threat is rare, and may never even occur for most of us thank God. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't prepare for the possibility.

You may think that immigration and gun control are not related, but do a Google search of gang activity in the southwest. Missing people in Phoenix - victims of the Mexican Mafia. Sex trafficking is all over the news. Should you be defenseless against those potential threats? The Constitution says that you can purchase a firearm to defend yourself. I don't want to fear monger, but we face enough daily adversaries without open borders. People who would attempt to cause us harm if they believed we had no defense against their actions. I believe that 99% of people seeking citizenship are good human beings who do want a better life. They should purchase a gun to protect their families from that bad 1%.

So if you no longer agree with the Constitution and the contract you are bound by - you are free to leave and seek citizenship elsewhere. BUT, if you choose to seek citizenship within American borders you are contractually obligated to follow its policies - even if you don't agree with them all. I don't like everything about the company I work for, but it's their building and I am a guest in it so I keep my mouth closed and abide by their wishes. Just like I do when spending a night in someones home, or as I expect a guest to do in my home. I don't smoke, so I ask that you don't. I do my best to accommodate, but I am not going to tell you how to live in your house, so please don't dictate how I live in mine.

So what is the simplest answer to both immigration and gun control? How about the test a person takes to gain citizenship is the EXACT same one that a person takes to purchase a firearm? Liberals can make it as easy a test as they want - that just means that people can more freely purchase a gun. Want to regulate the amount of guns in American hands? Well then make the test harder, and therefore it becomes more difficult to immigrate. Require that all potential immigrants pass the same back ground check that a gun owner is required to pass. Is that fair?