• Brooke Bailey

5 Easy Steps to Lose Weight This Year

With the new year well underway, its time to start getting serious about making it a healthy one. Now I am sure that plenty of you have made the resolution to lose weight this year, and it's probably already feeling like its going to be tougher than you thought it would be.

I am not a big believer in huge goals that you cant reach. That's why I set small attainable goals for my clients - that way they can achieve milestones that build confidence and keep them motivated throughout the year. Here are five easy baby steps you can take starting now to guarantee you lose ten pounds this month, and 25 pounds or more by the time the holidays roll around.

Drink More Water

I have probably told you to drink more water in at least ten of my articles, but I am going to say it again - DRINK MORE WATER. Adequate fluid intake is so important to keep your energy levels up and flush bad things out of your body that I can't emphasize it enough. If you have a hard time chugging enough water, try downing a big cup first thing when you wake up and then take big gulps every hour during the day.

Stop Eating Fast Food

I ride by several fast food restaurants on my way home from work, and I don't know why they call it fast food. The lines are long and those people are probably sitting there longer than it takes to make something at home. The only thing that's fast about it is how quickly it makes you gain weight. Not to mention, fast food is expensive. The good thing is that if you give up your addiction to these convenience foods, you'll lose some weight fast.

Eat Real Food

If you stop eating fast food, you have to eat something right? How about real food as nature intended. Real food beats junk food any day, so start focusing on getting more vegetables into your diet. They make you feel fuller for longer and do a good job keeping your digestion moving along. It's been said before, but if it comes in a box it can't be good for you. Another rule I like to follow is that if it doesn't go bad in a week, don't eat it. If you follow that simple rule alone, you will be eating real, unprocessed food.

Eat More Protein

It's a great idea to include some form of protein with every meal. That doesn't mean you always have to eat meat. Include some legumes and beans in your salad, or nuts and seeds as a snack between large meals. Another great source of protein is Greek yogurt which has as much muscle building amino acids as a scoop of whey powder.

Eat Less Sugar

We all know it and hate to admit it, but sugar just isn’t good for you. Without getting too scientific about it, sugar slows down your metabolism and makes it harder to lose weight, as well as leads to things like adrenal fatigue and eventually diabetes. Cutting back on sugar doesn’t mean you can never touch a doughnut, but you should definitely put the sugary stuff out of reach and only indulge on occasion (once a week).

Just taking these 5 baby steps towards your weight loss goals will pay off big. Combine the five weight loss tricks above with steady exercise and I promise - you will end the year at a healthier, slimmer weight to be proud of.