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What is Sexy: Gamer Girls

After a long day at work, a lot of fellas like to wind down with some video games. It makes sense since video games actually provide a lot of health benefits you wouldn't even think of. For one, low key games like Angry Birds can actually reduce stress levels, improve mood, and reduce anxiety. Video games can also boost creativity, memory, and focus - which is nice if you suffer from ADHD like we do. Probably best of all, video games can actually help you develop problem solving skills. Games like old skool Tetris or World of Warcraft require that you solve puzzles and think quickly - which means you learn organization and multitasking abilities which might help you perform better in real world activities. So it's pretty obvious that a few hours of video games here and there can actually up your brain game. You know whats even better than sitting on the couch playing games by yourself? Playing them next to a sexy gamer girl. We are not sure why guys are so obsessed with sexy gamer girls, but our buddies over at Zesty Things have tried to figure it out. What ever the reason, check out this weeks What is Sexy for a collection of the hottest ladies we could find playing video games in their skimpiest outfits.

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