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Steve Ditko's High School Yearbook is on EBay

You know who Spiderman is right? I mean that doesn’t make you a nerd. Spiderman is a part of just about everyone's childhood. And the movies, especially Venom, are pretty cool. That's why we voted it movie of the year. But you know what would make you a nerd in the not cool way? Collecting high school year books of your favorite comic artists. That's taking comic book collecting too far.

But, some nerd is going to go there. If youre that nerd, a listing we came across on eBay for the 11th Grade High School Yearbook of Spiderman co-creator Steve Ditko is a dream come true. The sellers photos even include one of Ditko drawing. Maybe he was developing Spiderman right then and there. If you have a cool grand to blow maybe you can hit the buy it now button. We had to pass on the PayPal offer of 24 months financing, but maybe you need to add this to your collection. Check the listing here.