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What Kind of Music Does a Dog Like?

What Kind of Music Does a Dog Like?

We always kinda wondered if our dog was digging the thrash and black metal we play, and it turns out that he doesn't. A study we came across from Colorado State University says that dogs prefer classical music.

Researchers exposed 117 dogs of various breeds to 45 minutes of music in three different genres then monitored their behavior every 5 minutes for behavioral assessments over a period of four months. It turns out, the pooches exhibited more relaxed and less stressful behavior while listening to stuff like Mozart and Beethoven. When listening to heavy metal, they appeared to have greater anxiety and unrest.

It's a bit of a heartbreak that our canine buddies don't share our taste in music, but we have no problem listening to classical when they are around. After all that stuff is pretty metal as well - so maybe they just like certain kinds of metal. The study didn't elaborate on what they played for the dogs. It could have been some annoying djent. That stuff stresses us out too.