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What is Sexy: Swedish Fitness Model Anna Nystrom

We don't know what the hell is going on in Sweden, but it seems like the place is a breeding ground for drop dead gorgeous women. Don't they eat a lot of fish? Maybe it's the Paleo Diet, but whatever the reason there are some beautiful women coming out the coldest parts of Europe. First there was Swedish Truck Driver Angelica Larsson, and now we found another Nordic beauty while stumbling around Instagram. This time we found a girl who is as thick as a bowl of oatmeal, yet still has a thigh gap for all you daylight lovers. Her name is Anna Nyström and she is a licensed personal trainer and fitness model born in Stockholm, Sweden. In her model biography she says that she started working on her fitness after some health issues which left her bed-ridden. It looks like she is fully recovered because she looks damn healthy if you ask us. Did we mention thick with a thigh gap? She stands a petite 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs a trim 115 lbs despite all those curves that give her a 36-24-38 frame. With over 6.9 million Instagram followers, Anna is one of the biggest female influencers from Sweden - making her the Kylie Jenner of Sweden. She lists her birthday as June 19, 1992 which means she is the perfect age of 26. Don't get your hopes up because she has a boyfriend that is better looking that you. Dont worry because we have you covered with a collection of pics we borrowed from her Facebook and Instagram for this weeks What is Sexy post. When your finished, visit Anna Nyström at her personal website, follow her on Twitter, and check out her Facebook Page. Get some workout tips on her YouTube channel. If you're looking for some more thigh gaps, click here.

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