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What is Sexy: Model Elizabeth Pipko

This week we are going to give a shout out to model Elizabeth Pipko who was outed as a Donald Trump supporter. Who cares right? Well apparently, a lot of people do because the model said she was terrified to reveal her political leanings and feared it would kill her career. Sad thing is that in today's politically correct environment, she is probably right. It's perfectly fine to voice your opinion when it goes with popular opinion, but not when you're going against the grain. The 23 year old Pipko (born June 26, 1995) recently revealed that she worked for the 2016 Donald Trump Presidential campaign as the national volunteer services coordinator in New York City out of Trump Tower. Before working in politics, Elizabeth Pipko started out with aspirations of becoming a competitive athlete after figure skating as a child. A serious injury at age 15 derailed those figure skating dreams, but she became a published author in 2013 releasing a book of poetry called Sweet Sixteen. She got into modeling when she was only 17 years of age and appeared in high profile magazines like Esquire and Maxim. Now she is currently enrolled at the Harvard extension school, majoring in legal studies and double minoring in religion and math. Goes to show models can be smart and beautiful. In case you're wondering, the brown eyed girl stands 5'7" inches and weighs 115 pounds with a 32DD-24-36 frame. Be sure to check out Elizabeth Pipko on her website where she has announced an upcoming book, follow her on Twitter and Instagram then like her Facebook fan page. If you want to see even more sexy Trump supporters, click here.

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