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Alternative Plan to Trump's Wall

Plenty of politicians and celebrities have security walls around their homes, or employ security guards to protect them from criminals and trespassers. So while we will admit that funding a border wall isn't the best option, it's even a little silly, our nations security needs to be addressed. While there are plenty of people looking to come to the United States in search of a better life and add value to our nation, there are a handful of bad guys taking advantage of our weak border security. That handful of bad apples is poisoning the pie, necessitating the individuals need for protection. We have come up with a plan to address the protection needs of the average American: tax breaks for those who want to build their own security wall, and assistance for those who want to take security measures in their own homes.

We don't know anyone who sleeps with their front door unlocked, and we know that Congress and A-listers who tell us that we don't need a 'wall' are not leaving their residences unprotected. Why shouldn't every home owner and citizen have the right to those same protections? If Congress refuses to recognize the importance of our nations security, we think an alternative solution is to put the choice into the hands of the people. Create tax breaks for those who feel that a security wall around their home is necessary and offer grants and government assistance to those who want to build their own wall. Additionally, offer write offs for security cameras and security systems just like we do for home improvements.

Sound silly? It is a little. There is no perfect solution that we will all agree upon, but if we can't agree on who threatens our nation then leave the individual to determine what degree of security they feel is necessary. Estimates show that the cost of building a wall is around $120 per person. Individual home security would be much more expensive, but much of that burden would be self funded and require no direct tax payer funding. If you want security, buy it and write it off. Don't want it? Then do nothing. After all, we are funding abortions with tax payer dollars, why not home security?

Sure, our plan doesn't address other issues like low paid workers flooding the market which devalues American laborers, and wouldn't provide much relief against the Mexican Cartels who are abducting children in Phoenix. But hey, at least maybe you could catch your abduction on camera - and maybe just maybe - the underfunded police forces in your city would be able to apprehend your kidnapper and deport them.

Comment below and tell us your opinion of our alternative to Donald Trump's Wall. If you have a better idea for protecting our homes and borders, tell us about it.