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5 Strange Facts About the Human Body

According to Futurism, you never really touch anything, but simply feel the resistance of electrons. So when you jump into bed, you're simply hovering above it by a teeny tiny distance. When you cut a piece of paper, you are just feeling the resistance of the electrons between the scissors and the paper. Pretty cool.

Half the human brain can be removed without affecting the memory or personality. In an operation called a hemispherectomy, surgeons remove a hemisphere of the brain as a last ditch effort to treat uncontrollable disorders such as seizures caused by a stroke. The downside is you lose vision in the eye, and the function and use of the hand opposite of the hemisphere that was removed.

The human body is a potential soap making machine. The average person has enough body fat to make 7 bars of soap. We don't recommend making human soap - but if the zombie apocalypse ever comes and you need a shower now you know what to do.

It tough to say when life officially begins, but consider this: human embryos develop fingerprints at three months after conception. That means we are identifiable as people pretty early in the womb.

Over the average lifetime, we each produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. One kid we knew in middle school probably produced that every six months though as much as he drooled.

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