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What is Sexy: Girls with Tails

We came across a trend that is kinda cute and kinda sexy : Girls with Tails. You have probably heard of furries - people who like to dress up as cute, cuddle friendly animals. Tails are sort of an extension of that same cosplay fantasy where furry friendly girls find a way to clip on a tail as part of a real life fursona to play out an animal character. It's all in good fun with no actual sexual connotation. Then there are the kinkier types of ladies who actually employ the use of a tail attached to a butt plug as part of sexual role play. We made sure to choose the tamer photos we could find for this weeks What is Sexy collection but still - it's probably not safe for work. If you are home alone and not worried about a coworker peeking over your shoulder, then go ahead and enjoy this weeks sexy collection of girls with tails. And if you are looking to get a custom made furry tail for your lady, check out The Tail Company. They create all sorts of life like furry tails that wag and move just like the real thing. Tell them BDSC sent you and if you buy one send us pics - as long as your a chick.

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