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What is Sexy: Daylight

Women everywhere will trip over their tongues to look at guys with 5% body fat and razor cut abs, or drool over guys that are obviously on a steroid cycle and spend hours everyday in the gym - then turn around and bust your balls because you like "skinny girls". That's b.s. It's perfectly normal to fantasize a little and you better believe she isn't fantasizing about dad bods.

It's hard to deny that seeing a little daylight AKA thigh gap is sexy. People come in different shapes and sizes, and the feminists will preach that only anorexic girls have thigh gaps. That's not true. We have seen some curvier girls with a little bit of daylight so it's not just a weight thing - you either have it or you don't. But toning up and staying at a healthy weight sure helps.

Now it's ok for a woman to say something like "I only date guys over 6' tall" but you're a bad guy for saying you find thigh gaps attractive? Whatever type of woman you're into - you shouldn't be ashamed as long as she is healthy. Some guys like thicc ladies full of curves, others like them thin and trim. Whatever floats your boat. Just don't walk around doing asshole stuff like demanding your girlfriend go on a diet and lose weight, or fat shame the plumper girls. That's not cool.

If your into a little bit of daylight, don't let the feminists get you down. We got you a covered with a collection a ladies showing off their sexy thigh gaps so you can admire without shame. We know that you would never kick a girl out of bed because she didn't have a thigh gap, just like she wouldn't kick you out for not having 20 inch guns. So enjoy the daylight and mind the gap.

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