• Perry Jones

Drone Footage of Beaver, Utah UFO

Two drone operators named Sam Chotek and Jimmie Chappie captured the following interesting footage over Beaver, Utah which lies just outside of Fishlake National Forest - about 2 hours from Area 51.

The film is a few years old. Back in 2016, a film crew was shooting some landscape footage for a documentary film that was in production. It's a common practice in the movie industry to shoot various footage for filler scenes, cutaways, and intros. Once back in their hotel rooms and reviewing the footage they noticed the fast moving object.

The footage was shot at 60 frames per second with a DJI Inspire drone. Top end equipment. The men estimate they were 400 or 500 feet away from the drone but never saw or heard anything. The footage is just now being released - which have made some wonder why is was held to now? Despite the skepticism, the men are very open about the footage and have even made the original RAW video available for download.

Some have estimated that the craft in the video was traveling at 12,600 miles per hour - MACH 19 - since it covered approximately 3.5 miles in 1 second. If that estimate is correct, it would explain why the two drone operators never saw it. Given the speed though, it should have created a sonic boom. The footage is interesting, but I hesitate to label it a "UFO" without further video analysis. It does not appear to be CGI enhanced, and I wouldn't say it was a bird or bug at those speeds. Given that it was shot near Area 51, it could be a top secret aircraft, but Alien? Who knows. What do you think?


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