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Ashley Graham Marriage Advice: Lots of Sex

Plus Sized model Ashley Graham recently offered up a bit of marriage advice that we can agree with :

“Just have sex. Have sex all the time. Even if you don’t feel like it, just have sex. I have found that if we haven’t had sex, we get snippy, and then if we are having sex, we’re all over each other. For us it’s like, ‘Oh, let’s have sex.’ And then we’re just right back in a great mood.”

When she is saying "we", she is referring to husband Justin Irvin. The two have been married for eight years. They met while he was volunteering at her church in NYC, and as Graham writes in her book "All I wanted to do was keep talking to Justin… The consistency and openness was so new it felt weird. […] My romance with Justin was innocent and sweet. We went rollerblading and biking; we did karaoke, went to the movies, took an improv class together."

Apparently Miss Graham was a bit loose in her younger days, but made her husband wait for the goods: Graham says that she and Ervin "decided" not to sleep together until they were married - to strengthen their bond.

“I had seen the world,” she says (she had already been modeling for five years). “I slept with half of New York City. I had done it all, literally!” She continued: "Something that it did for us was build up our friendship, and it also built up our trust and communication. Of course we were sexually attracted to each other; we would make out heavily. All those things were there. I wasn’t worried about, What’s sex gonna be like with him? It was more, Do I trust him? Is he someone I want to be with for the rest of my life?”

We not sure how much credit we can give her advice though, since despite her “plus sized acceptance” mantra she married a buff dude.