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Who Are the Mystery Men in the Woods During the Sandy Hook Shooting?

The Sandy Hook shooting is one of the most controversial mass shootings in history. What we do know, based on what we have been told, is that deranged shooter Adam Lanza entered Sandy Hook Elementary School at around 9:35 am and opened fire on innocent school kids and the faculty that tried to protect them. By the time the smoke cleared 20 children and six staff members were dead and a nation begged for answers.

We’re not going to go Alex Jones on you and deny the Sandy Hook shooting happened - there’s just too many eyewitness testimonies that confirmed the event was real. But it’s hard to deny that there are several unanswered questions about what exactly happened in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012.

The biggest question that we have about the Sandy Hook shooting relates to the mystery men seen fleeing into the woods shortly after the shooting began. We searched and we were able to locate the WABC TV footage below on YouTube to present to you for review. We recommended saving it to your home computer because it often gets deleted.

Notice that a police officer chases two men dressed in what looks like tactical clothing into the nearby woods. They dodge between two buildings and separate as they make their way deeper into the woods. Media reports stated that one was armed with a hunting weapon. The officer seems to apprehend them. These men were reported to be escaping from the school at around the same time that Adam Lanza is opening fire inside the school. Are these mysterious men undisclosed accomplices to Lanza? Here is a stabilized version of the video that is a little bit easier to follow:

The media released the footage as the shooting unfolded before much was known about what was happening inside the school. The news even reported that it was believed that 2 shooters were involved. Then quickly the narrative changed, the shooting was blamed on Adam Lanza and we were told that the troubled young man unleashed his rampage with no assistance and the footage was scrubbed from the air. Here is a man reporting what he saw to local media, describing a man in camo pants who was captured and handcuffed inside the school. He states that the man is in custody in a police car "over there":

So we have to address the question: was Adam Lanza a lone gunman, or were there multiple shooters at Sandy Hook? We didn't believe there was ever an explanation given for that person (or persons) caught running in the woods. Actually, it seemed that the question had been completely ignored. Arm chair investigators of the Sandy Hook tragedy have even suggested that there were as many as four perpetrators.

We did some research to find out who those men in the woods were so that we could put this conspiracy to rest. Even though eyewitness reports are often considered irrefutable, you really need to keep in mind the tension and confusion of an event. That doesn't mean you should completely disregard eyewitness reports, but you should put them in perspective.

Many conspiracy theorists point out the statements of children who recalled seeing a man with a gun still patrolling after Adam Lanza committed suicide as proof of multiple shooters. These scared kids could have easily been confused since SWAT team members in similar tactical clothing were patrolling all around. After such a horrific shooting, would you know who was trust worthy? The chaos of the shooting scene could explain why there are many reports a second shooter. A third-grader named Alexis told CNN she looked out the window, spotted police officers and heard footsteps on the school roof. Others may have thought these police officers were other shooters.

After doing our research, it turns out that the mystery Sandy Hook shooter(s) were identified. And they were not shooters at all. But there is even some confusion surrounding exactly who was who. As would be the case with any crime scene, a number of people were initially detained and treated as suspects until sense could be made of what happened.

Initially, police were concerned about the possibility of multiple shooters because school personnel had reported seeing someone running outside during the shooting spree. It would be reasonable to expect that in any active shooter situation - the possibility of multiple shooters should be considered. It turned out that a number of the school's staff members had escaped through a window and were fleeing for safety from the school.

One man of interest was Chris Manfredonia, the father of a Sandy Hook student. It has been reported that he attempted to sneak into the school after the shooting started. Authenticated police radio traffic during the Newtown school shooting shows that emergency responders initially thought there might be two gunmen on the loose, and they can be heard saying his name over their radios. Manfredonia said that he was heading to the school that morning to help make gingerbread houses with the first-graders, including his six year old daughter. When he arrived he smelled sulfur and heard popping sounds. He ran around the school to look for his daughter and understandably, was handcuffed by police. He later found his daughter locked in a room with a teacher.

According to Business Insider, the two men located in the woods were held at gunpoint by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. We didn't search for an explanation as to why those agencies were on the scene, but the two men were actually reporters who had managed to get close to the school. They were held until their identities could be confirmed.

The Newtown Bee reported that one of the men in the woods was an off duty SWAT tactical officer from another district. This is the man we see apprehended several hundred yards from the school. This does seem to contradict the explanation that the men were reporters. Others wonder why, if it was an off duty officer, didn't he act to help rather than cowardly flee. We would ask why he wasn't shot? It seems that a guy who looks like a shooter, and is running away from a shooting - presumably after being told to stop - would provide probable cause for the police to shoot in an attempt to at least immobilize the suspect. Did one of the officers recognize him?

Another unknown male who was detained by police turned out to be a parent with a mobile phone in his hand. The guy taken in hand cuffs and sitting in the police car was a man from New York who was working nearby and saw a news alert about the shooting then went to the school to see what was going on. Others suggest that this is Chris Manfredonia, others say it couldn't be him.

There is a HUGE discussion about the identities of the "men in the woods" on this website. We read a lot of the discussion and as soon as we thought we had things figured out, we made a list of ten more questions. And that's the exact reason there is such a conspiracy surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting and the possibility of multiple shooters. Every path leads to ten more. A web so large that no one can ever get to the center of it.

Unconfirmed information and media reports often muddy the situation at hand and Sandy Hook was no different: remember that initial reports suggested that Adam Lanzas brother Ryan was involved, or some even said that he was the shooter. This turned out to be incorrect. Media is quite often complicit when it comes to conspiracy theory - they refuse to deny what they know to be false because the clickbait reports provide advertising dollars. Many have been quick to point the finger at the likes of Alex Jones for reporting fake news, but main stream media is no better. They report a story without confirmation, or latter clarification. Sandy Hook is another case of the media reporting unverified information to boost ratings which shows how harmful the Fake News media can be.

That doesn't mean that we don't believe that there were some very strange circumstances surrounding one the worst mass shooting in history, but whoever the mystery men in the woods are, we are 99.9% confident that Adam Lanza acted alone.

To read the official Connecticut Districts Attorney Report on the Sandy Hook Shooting, Click Here.

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