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New Amazon Device Alexa Auto

With Christmas over, your budget is probably stretched to the max - but we recommend that you scrounge up a few bucks or use one of your Christmas gift cards to get a soon to be released Amazon device called The Alexa Auto. The device connects to Amazons ecosphere by Bluetooth and then will play through your car speakers. It even includes a dash mount to make things easier.

The feature we like best is the option of using Alexa Car as a navigation system for vehicles that are not equipped. You can ask where the nearest gas station is or ask for directions and Alexa will connect to apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze to guide you. That makes it a good option for families that have inexperienced drivers who shouldn't be taking their hands off the wheel to set a route.

The device shouldn't have any trouble hearing your voice over road noise or the air conditioning since it comes packed with 8 microphones that feature far-field technology. What you can also do is tap into your Amazon Prime Music, podcasts, Apple Music, and audio books selections hands free. Just tell Alexa what you want to hear and she will play it.

Amazon Auto should also be considered if your into smart home technology. Basically, you can continue the smart home experience into your car and operate smart devices like garage door openers. You can also create reminders or ask the device to note your latest brain storm - hey inspiration comes at the weirdest times. Sure we will admit that a lot of the features the Alexa car offers are available other ways...but if you have an older cell phone you cant beat the price for performance of the device.

Right now Alexa Car is available by invitation only. If you're already a Prime member ask for an invitation by clicking here. If you don't have Amazon Prime click here for a deal.