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Ever Wonder What Hot Celebrities Would Look Like Fat?

Some guys like thin girls, some like curvy, and a small minority like them BIG. But if you have a fat fetish and fantasize about gut flopping (where a large bellied individual raises his or her stomach and allows it to drop upon his or her sexual partner in a way that creates a smack sound [and] is an act performed for sexual pleasure), crushing, and squashing...then you're left pretty disappointed when it comes to celebrities. There are not a lot of obese women in Hollywood. Sure you have Melissa McCarthy, but she recently lost weight to the dismay of many of her fans.

So if you have ever wondered what your favorite female celebrities would look like much plumper, stuffed and padded until they become obese - then a comical website called Fat World is the site for you. The page is like a Wikipedia, but everyone they feature a profile of is...fat. Through the use of Photoshop, the website has re-imagined your favorite svelte actresses a few (sometimes hundred) pounds heavier. Take a look at some examples below and visit Fat World by clicking here.