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Do you ever listen to heavy metal and say to yourself "that just sounds like a dog barking!" If so, one YouTube channel has proven your suspicions true. BEELZEBUDDIES was started by Chris Hack as a concept created to bring attention to a crowd funded line of dog clothing, pet beds, and accessories with a black metal edge for the macabre-at-heart. The Kickstarter states :

"Beelzebuddies is a lifestyle brand offering comfortable handcrafted beds along with pet shirts and accessories keeping hellcats and devil dogs aligned with your alternative fashion sense.We are a high quality, hand crafted, boutique style brand specializing in bringing incredible style and durability to your home for both you and your pets to enjoy".

They even have a Facebook page to keep you in the loop when new items drop. The idea comes from a fashion website called Razors Edge which says that it sells "the cutting edge of alternative fashion". The clothes are cool enough, but what we like is the dog metal videos like the ones below. The tunes are pretty decent if you dig the black metal vibe. We would buy the record if it ever drops.

Check out BEELZEBUDDIES Dog Metal on Youtube.