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Not Sexy: Flatulence Fetishes

Many of us have a sexual fetish but some are more unusual than others. One we came across is eproctophilia: arousal by flatulence. If you thought Sploshing was weird, wait until you read about this one.

The fetish varies by individual - some are attracted strictly to the act of flatulence, while others need to be farted on to be turned on. While some eproctophiles are gay and prefer to be farted on by a member of the same sex, but the fetish doesn’t always follow the individual’s sexuality. Others prefer to be the dominant, or farter in the relationship.

Sarah Berry, a sex and relationship therapist, told Vice that the fetish is often developed when an individual is exposed to flatulence in a heightened environment which allows farting to taken on a sexual meaning. "Farts are generally regarded as funny, gross and/or embarrassing,” Berry explained. "Any experiences exacerbating any of these reactions could give rise to farting as a sexual preference."

Several connoisseurs of flatulence reported to Vice on their preferences, and the fetish may develop due to its taboo and forbidden nature. Many are told that farting is something to be done outside of the public, or behind closed doors. That's why a 52-year-old gay man told Vice that his love for farts started all the way back when he was just a child. "As a young boy, I always had an unsaid admiration for other boys who were ‘public' farters, as they always seemed so uninhibited, confident and a little subversive.”

Of course, the internet helps these men fulfill their fantasies as there are several online forums and chat rooms that cater to the fetish. and there are videos where people let the wind pass freely. One man explained "They don't contain sex or nudity,” explaining that "most of the ones I watch are solo videos where the model is alone, either fully-dressed or in suggestive clothing, like lingerie."

An Australian man said he was able to fulfill his fantasy after meeting up a man who was a fellow connoisseur: "We spent 24 hours together, during which we farted in front of each other in various locations like a restaurant, farted on each other's hands and eventually in each other's faces.”

Some eproctophiles prefer face-to-butt interactions and see the act as one of intimacy “Girls don’t tend to be open about that kind of stuff unless they feel really comfortable around you”... "So I guess I look at it as a sign of affection.”Intimacy. The Australian man added that if a beautiful, smart guy agrees to fart on his face, "it means he likes me and it allows me to know him deeply, in a way no one does”

We have to mark this fetish as NOT Sexy. It's just not for us. We can think of a million intimate acts that are way more sexy than farting. But what do you think? Is Farting sexy?

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