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What is Sexy: Volkswagen Girls

Most guys have a car brand they stand by and for us, our number one car manufacturer is Volkswagen. It does not matter if it's a stock slow poke or a highly modified Nürburgring lap eater, they are all good to us. In fact, we have driven and owned a lot of Volkswagen's and nothing puts a smile on our face like being behind the wheel of a classic VW - except, maybe, for the ladies in this weeks What is Sexy post. These girls love their VW's as much as we do so that makes them downright sexy. It may be just a hunch, but something tells us that these girls know how to drive a stick and milk every ounce of performance out of a motor, taking it right to redline for a record setting finish. Check out the pics of sexy Volkswagen girls below and tell us what you think.

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