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What is Sexy: Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers

Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers is the United States official representative at Miss Universe 2018. To reach the ultimate beauty pageant, the 5'5" brown eyed, blonde haired beauty first won Miss Nebraska Teen USA in 2012, then captured the Miss Nebraska USA title in 2018. We think she would have had a pretty good chance of winning Miss Universe: she is a smart girl who attended Texas Christian University and earned two degrees with a cum laude distinction including a Bachelor of Science in strategic communication with a business minor, and a Bachelor of Science in child development. That's a pretty good resume, and she has a heart warming story to go with it. Sarah was hospitalized after being diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) at five years old, leading her to choose a career as a certified child life specialist before becoming Miss USA.

The problem is, Sarah tends to says things she shouldn't. You know, like speak her mind, which isn't cool in today's politically charged environment. So awhile back she pissed off some people because she was grateful to have grown up in a home with two parents. Now, she is at the center of a bigger controversy and has issued an apology for some comments she made about her fellow contestants. Some video footage of her making light of her fellow Miss Universe contestants’ grasp of the English language went viral, and now she has been accused of being a condescending, intolerant, racist (surprise) bully. You know, all the typical #metoo adjectives that are thrown around. The thing is the video is really overblown, even the contestants she supposedly bullied, Miss Vietnam H’Hen Niê and Miss Cambodia Rern Sinat, have accepted the Sarah's apology and moved on. But the media and #metoo movement can't accept the apology, milking it for all its worth. We think she deserves a pass - after all what 24 year old (she was born November 4, 1994) has not said a few things they regret? That's why this week we are going to give a little love to Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers. Check out the sexy pics of Miss USA below and follow Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers on Twitter and Instagram.

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