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Sharpie Ultimate Collection

There was a kid in middle school who use to sit next to us in our music class. A couple times every class he would pull out a black Sharpie marker and sniff it. After watching him do this for half the year, we finally got up the courage and asked why he did it. He said the smell woke him up. That kinda stuck with us, and one time in college we finally gave into peer pressure and sniffed a Sharpie. The weird kid from music class was right. Sharpie smell does wake you up.

Now keep in mind, we are not suggesting you buy the Sharpie Ultimate Collection for such unauthorized uses - heck let's be honest - a smelly marker is not going to wake you up like a good cup of coffee or blow off of a strippers ass, but hey when in Rome. Buy the Sharpie Ultimate Collection because it has 40 fine, 42 ultra fine, 8 chisel and 12 twin tip coloring markers in unforgettable original colors, as well as 5 luminous neon markers and 8 shimmering metallic markers. That is a lot of hentai just begging to be put onto paper so order the Sharpie set by clicking here and get to drawing.

Just be sure to send us your drawings.