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Self Improvement Season

Christmas is over, which means we have entered what I call “self-improvement” season. Your social feed is about to be bombarded with inspirational memes and selfies aimed at promise keeping - promises to eliminate toxic people, eat better, lose weight, yadda yadda yadda.

You see with Valentines Day around the corner, women everywhere have a goal in mind - make men drool and other women jealous. It doesn't matter if they are straight, bi, transgender, gender ambiguous, or whatever - people everywhere love the power bestowed by likes, fire and heart emojis, and comments. An affirmation that yes, you are beautiful.

Now don’t get me wrong, guys on occasion will do this stuff but it's most often a girl thing. Posting all over social media to proclaim that they are at the gym and losing weight. And that’s why it fails. Do’ers quite simply do. They don’t announce all over the place that they are going to lose weight, they simply go do it. Do’ers might post a progress pic or update from an app but it's about how many calories were burned, or how many miles they covered today. They don't make grandiose statements on Instagram accompanied by pictures of their ass.

So what does the self improvement season mean for you – the single dating male? It means your about to hit a rough patch, a dry spell. That’s because when the new year comes there’s going to be a ton of women posting gym updates and DSL faces from in front of the gym mirror.

They will promise that this is the year they will lose the weight (finally) and will bury their head into the task at hand. They will dedicate every hour to transforming their bodies into the the work of art they claim it once was … you know before they had babies and took to a life of potato chips and soft drinks. There's always that pic they post with a caption "I will look like this again".

No. No you won't. Of course, well doers will say things like "you go girl!"

So yes, it's going to be a tough couple months dating for you. Half the female population has taken itself off the market. The chubby ones are going to hold off on dating for awhile because they think by working out they will open up new doors to hotter guys .

So they will look down at you, because you are beneath their soon to be had new standards. If the itch becomes to much to bear they will hit up a friend for a quick hookup. Maybe you're that friend. But don't lower your standards.

So what can you do during the upcoming dry spell? Relax first of all. Don’t worry because most of them will call it quits in a month, losing the fight against fat and sexiness in one night where they eat a tub of ice cream.

They'll be back on the market shortly, but probably have gained a few pounds in the relapse. If your ok with that, then wait for the women to come back around. Use the next 2-3 months to work on you buddy. Save a little money on haircuts and shaving because you’re not going to need it. Pocket that money or buy something you’ve been holding off on. Besides, that scruffy look will ignite her passion when she is lonely one night. Women hate to admit it, but its innate to be attracted to a man who is rough around the edges. The beard just might be what sends her over the edge one night.

If you want to stay active in dating, you could seek out what's left and those are probably your best bets. These girls either stay in shape year round – which is what you should want anyway - or are simply comfortable in their own skin and know who they are. Since they don't need the constant affirmations and adulation of social media culture they will be better overall relationship material.

Self improvement season can be a tough one for dating males, but it also means you can probably save money on overpriced Valentines Day gifts. If you know how to use the time off to your advantage - you can come out of it on top.