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Woman Faces Five Years In Prison For Her Revealing Dress

Egyptian actress Rania Youssef, 45, is going to trial on charges of ‘inciting immorality’ after wearing an ‘obscene’ dress. She faces up to five years in jail if found guilty. Her trial is scheduled to begin Jan. 12th.

Youseff wore the offending black lace dress that exposed most of her legs at the closing ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival. and was quickly charged with inciting “immorality and promoting vice” after a group of lawyers made a complaint to the country’s chief prosecutor.

Egypt, which has a population of 100 million, is a conservative country with a Muslim majority. Prosecuters insist that she disrespected the Islamic culture of Egypt

Youseff said she would not have worn the dress if she had known how much controversy it would have caused, She even posted a ‘statement and clarification’ on Facebook in Arabic (which translates as follows):

Respecting the feelings of every Egyptian family angered by the dress I wore at the closing ceremony of the Cairo International Film Festival, I would like to emphasize that I did not mean to appear in a way that angered and angered many who considered the dress inappropriate. I could have appreciated it as I wore the dress for the first time and did not expect to provoke all this anger.

The opinions of fashion designers and fashion specialists often affect the choice of clothing choices, and they may have taken into account that we are in an international festival.

I did not expect everything that happened and I knew when I was wearing the dress.

Here I reiterate my adherence to the values ​​and ethics that we have raised in the Egyptian society, which have been and will continue to be respected.

I am proud to be an artist with a good and positive balance with my fans. I hope that everyone will understand my good intentions and my desire to anger anyone. God willing, I will be at the good of everyone.

I also cherish the membership of the Artists’ Union, its enlightenment role, its protection of values ​​and its defense of art.