• Perry Jones

Roswell's Main Street Gets 22-foot Tall Alien

According to the local news outlet, Roswell, New Mexico - which is famous for the alleged 1947 UFO Crash nearby - has added another UFO related icon to its town thanks to a recently-opened Dunkin' Donuts/Baskin-Robbins franchise.

The restaurant built a 22-foot-tall green ET that towers over the city's Main Street. It was built over the course of eight weeks for a total cost of $35,000. The owners say the sign was custom made in South Dakota and the whole process took about a year of planning. Even though it's constructed of Styrofoam, the statue still weighs in at over 2,000 pounds,

It's sure to be a major tourist attraction - we seems to be the point of the statue.

Inspiration came from Roswell's famous alien-themed McDonald's that is just down the street and close the the Roswell Museum. "We wanted to create a landmark," said managing partner for Dunkin' Donuts Murad Fazal "something that will stay here forever."

Most of Roswell's residents are delighted with the new addition to the community. "This is perfect," said Mayor Dennis Kintigh, "I mean, this is the brand for this city." Another resident said "this is what brings in money, tourism, so I think it's awesome."

The soft opening for the store will be at the end of December and the company says they will hold a contest later to name the alien statue.



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