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What is Sexy: Imogen Dyer

Imogen Dyer first made waves on the internet when her simple photos in a green sweater left men everywhere gasping for air. Now the pale skinned, 5'5" green eyed girl can be seen as the face of the Youtube Channel Weekly Imogen. Subscribers (nearly 300k of them) get a weekly dose of photography tutorials and tips, but we subscribe because we can't stop looking at the perfect girl next door. The channel is the collective work of photographer Mark Wilkinson and Imogen as the featured model for the shoots. It's like a throwback to the 1950's when wannabe photographers would pay a small fee to join camera clubs and get the chance to take pics of sexy girls like the now famous Betty Page.

The Weekly Imogen photography workshops operate in a similar, but less risque, way: participants are guided through an outdoor natural light photo shoot and given the opportunity to develop skills by shooting a model on location - in this case the naturally sexy Imogen Dyer. Mark Wilkinson then acts as a guide who provides helpful technical advice. The only problem is the workshops take place in London. If you can't make the trip, we got you covered with a collection of Imogen Dyer pics for this weeks What is Sexy. Subscribe to Weekely Imogen on YouTube and connect with the official Facebook page by clicking here.

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