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Man dies after injecting silicone into his testicles

According to an article from Metro, a 28 year old man has died after injecting silicone into his genitals. Jack Chapman, AKA Tank Hafertepen, injected himself as part of a body manipulation fetish.

The Australian’s death certificate listed ‘silicone injection syndrome’ as a cause of death. He had posted pictures showing his swollen genitals, a side effect of the silicone injections.

His mother Linda Chapman blames Dylan Hafertepen, a popular gay blogger, for her son’s death. She found a contract detailing the pair’s relationship after he became involved in master-slave relationships within the gay community while living in San Francisco and Seattle.

Under the contract, Mr Chapman took Mr Hafertepen’s surname, signed over his income and had to perform slave acts like wearing a chain around his neck.

Paying tribute to his cuddle buddy, Mr Hafertepen wrote: ‘If he was my world, I was his sun; he made me feel like the center of his universe". Hafertepen denied forcing Mr Chapman to inject silicone into his body.