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Excalibur Climbing Wall in the Netherlands

Excalibur Climbing Wall in the Netherlands

The Excalibur is probably the most visually stunning climbing structure in the world, thanks to its S-shape that stretches just over 121 feet into the Dutch sky. Once at the top, climbers can see for miles around. It's considered the tallest freestanding climbing tower in the world and was built to replicate what a climber would face on a real peak, so it features a 36 foot curve that rises into the clouds.

The Excalibur was built with meter-thick slabs of concrete that are supported by 36 beams. The creation weighs 50 tons. It's part of the Klimcentrum Bjoeks Climb Center, a climbers paradise that features an array of indoor climbing walls, including one designed for beginners, and another that’s at a expert level 45 degree angle. The center also has an area with 117 boulders to scamper over if you get tired of wall climbing.

If you ever get a chance to visit the Dutch town of Groningen, put Excalibur on your list of sites to visit. We would check it out, but sure as hell ain't climbing it - were afraid of heights.



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