• Mr. Right

My Workplace Now Covers Transgender Benefits

Healthcare is a major debate and most of that discussion centers around the cost of coverage. I'll be the first to admit that some things are just too high: for example a guy I know who was born diabetic pays $175 for his insulin.

I recently called my benefits coordinator to see how much it would cost for me to visit a chiropractor. I've been having some back pain from sitting at my desk job, and thought a few sessions might help. Chiropractic treatments are covered - up to 12 visits per year and with a $60 copay. Considering that the last time I went to a chiropractor, without insurance, I paid $30 cash I am pretty sure I will not be using my healthcare benefits.

Truth is, I have yet to use my benefits. Knock on wood, I have been healthy, try to stay active, and do my best to eat right. But I currently pay $126 per month "just in case". Sure, some will say that's cheap, but keep in mind I am a young single man. I am paying for just me.

My company, who prides itself on its liberal wokeness, rolled out a new benefit plan which we just got to review for the upcoming year. Along with the new plan roll out comes a slight cost increase, some increased deductibles, and less coverage for things that I could foresee using - things like blood work, routine testing, and emergency care. Ya know, normal things that SHOULD be covered and affordable under a healthcare plan.

Way down the list, beyond where most people read, is a new benefit for the upcoming year: Transgender Benefits. That's right, my healthcare will now help you live your best transgender life and cover 85% of the costs of behavioral health and prescription drugs (after deductible of course) and up to $75k in surgery costs. Just stay in network ladyfellas - out of network is only covered at 50%.