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People are petitioning to change the date of Halloween

Some people out there think it's time to move the date of the Halloween holiday from its traditional October 31.

A petition at change.org calls for the spookiest day of the year to be moved to the last Saturday of October to allow it to always fall on a weekend,

The petition, called the Saturday Halloween Movement, was created by the Halloween & Costume Association and is seeking 1,500 names to have the backing to move forward with the proposed Halloween date change. The stated goal of the organizers is to have it be a day of celebration rather than crammed into a couple of hours because many people work when it falls on weekdays - keeping them from participating in the festivities.

You can read sign the petition here. It sounds like a marketing gimmick to us. Halloween derives form the Celtic ceremony called Samhain, where the Irish Druids would dress up in costume and build large bonfires to ward of ghosts and evil spirits. Moving the date would change the historical connotation.

But what do you think? Should Halloween stay on Oct. 31, or be moved to the last Saturday of October?