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Who Is The Skeptic?

Who Is The Skeptic?

Who is the UFO Skeptic: “Doubting” isn’t enough, prove your case There are (3) basic camps in Ufology.

Camp 1) The believers - This camp is comprised of people who have witnessed UFO’s and or ET’s or they chose to believe because they see how vast and diverse the believer camp is if they have not seen one themselves. They just know in their hearts that this many people cannot be wrong.

Camp 2) The Non believers - They don’t know much about the subject of ET’s, and chose not to be bothered with it.

Camp 3) The skeptic – They choose to be vocal about their non-belief and spend an inordinate amount of time deriding, attempting to debunk UFO's and ridicule anyone who is an ET witness or believer.

Being a skeptic is easy! They simply see what someone has captured, view the evidence and make something up to discredit them! Rinse and repeat! Until now, skeptics have had it fairly easy. With this Vlog that is all about to change.

To understand 'Why' a person feels the need to be a skeptic is to begin with and understand the basic meaning of the word, skeptic. Etymology (or the study of word origin) tells us the word came from a "member of an ancient Greek school who doubted the possibility of real knowledge," (they certainly didn't live in the 21st century) the word came from a French word ‘sceptique,’” meaning; doubt or inquiry.

After knowing where the word comes from we have to look at the behavior of skeptics and realize that the skeptical mind is strange posture to take in many ways. Their stance is contrite, combative, disagreeable, haughty, naive, and many times intrusive. But what makes a person turn to skepticism? As we research this observable fact, we will press and demand answers from skeptics to have a better understanding of their position.

To have a more complete understanding we must ask tough questions like, “According to you (the skeptic), when a person comes forward and discloses the witnessing of an ET event and is attempting to speak freely about what they saw, ‘why is it okay' for you to attack that person? It is always obvious, the skeptics intent is to dismiss them by being critical of who they are, judging their education, their job, or even financial status? Then, when that doesn’t work, skeptics hurl terrible names, label them or even go so far as to make threats on their lives. Why is okay for skeptics act this way?

Most believe skeptics are simply attention seekers. It takes to much work, research and thought, to see the reality of the UFO phenomenon. The skeptic's job is easy. It is the UFO that witness does the heavy lifting while the skeptic sits by and pushes their way into the “opinion without fact” opportunity to have their opinion heard and for them to feel self-important. The skeptic need only lay in wait for a victim to present themselves. Being a skeptic is the easiest way for someone to be relevant, but when you step back and examine their behavior, that relevance is only in their mind. To be fair, we realize there are a great many non-believers who are not skeptics and should not be lumped together with the likes of skeptics.

As a seasoned author, I am introducing this Vlog, in which we will critique and discus the topic of “skeptics” by asking the tough questions:

• Who they are? Where they are from? • Where to contact them for their expertise? • Have they ever looked for UFOs? • How are they qualified to be a skeptic? • Moreover, what specifically are the qualifications they need to possess to be a skeptic? • Why do skeptics choose to be skeptical? • What is your proof? • Why do they believe it necessary to criticize, scoff, and berate millions of people who step forward for whatever reason, to speak of or offer on video, what they have witnessed? • Why are skeptics “not” required to present proof to support their skeptical positions? They demand proof of ET sightings, but offer no proof or facts of their own to support yet their positions only contrived or canned responses to ET sightings. • Do you as a skeptic believe the standards should be the same for skeptics as they are for UFO encounter witnesses? • When all skeptics represent their group as an intelligent reasoning person, should they provide some evidence or credibility to their argument of doubt? • Why do skeptics dismiss ET's so readily and attribute sightings to such things as low intelligence and the average UFO witness as uneducated, when the fact is quite the opposite. • Are you afraid? What if the ET’s are real and that is why you lash out? Many people, even Pro-ET believers, go through periods of doubt. Even those who have seen them have moments of doubt in their belief going forward. Some people start out with the “feeling” that there is nothing out there other than space and that we are alone. Alone among trillions of the brightly burning suns and all are void of life, according to the average skeptic.

Note: Consider this as a discussion point; many people find it interesting that about half of all UFO skeptics believe in life on other planets and even the possibility of intelligent life, (like humans, but with actually intelligent.) Simply put, skeptics do not believe that if there are “intelligent life forms” on other worlds that do not possess the technical ability of engineering a means of travel to earth across light year distances of space.” That rolls off of their tongues so easily, but where is their proof, and what is their reasoning. So, because skeptics point to a contrived or at best, ‘guestimated’ reasoning, it can’t be possible for an advanced intelligent culture to the technical know-how to visit this planet. While those skeptics have never met and know nothing about ET’s they always temper their skepticism by way of emotions and present their “doubt” as the foundation for that skepticism. Their mantra is, “I doubt it therefore I have to be right.”

JW Burchick says, “I think there are folks who should be careful with that kind of fast and loose logic. Just because you can think it, doesn't make you true."

Finally, it doesn’t matter what I believe, my approach to the subject of Extraterrestrials will also press the media on the topic of ET's visiting this planet. I will ask people within the government along with the media tough questions too, but I wouldn’t expect anything from them. But I sure would like to know the answer to the question, “Why is the media complicit in the ongoing cover up of UFOs with the Government, and vice versa?”

This Vlog is not a platform from which to preach existence or non existence of UFOs. This Vlog is a platform for skeptics to ‘prove out’ why they accept what they make up in their heads as true. I am not researching the existence of, or debating the issue of the existence UFOs. On this website, skeptics are expected to adhere to the same standards as those who have reported seeing UFOs and are summarily brutalized by the skeptics.

If you are a skeptic, we want to hear from you. You can come on the show and tell everyone what you believe and why you believe it. This is your opportunity to turn us into un-believers! This is your shot at all those millions of ET believers, come on, take it! You’ve done it from the fringes and shadows, now come out and let us examine your non-belief.

That’s all we have for today, and remember, it’s okay to believe! As for the skeptic, doubting isn’t enough, prove your case.

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