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New Pennsylvania law to put speed cameras in work zones

Pennsylvania has enacted a new law that aims to slow down drivers by installing cameras in work zones: Gov. Tom Wolf signed the bill into law Friday. The five-year pilot program is a collaboration that involves PennDOT and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commision.

The stated goal of the cameras is to keep road construction crews safer. If a car is clocked going more than 11 mph over the posted construction zone speed limit, the installed camera will take a photo of the license plate. A ticket will be mailed to the registered owner along with some pretty hefty fines for repeat violators.

A first offense carries a warning; the second, a $75 fine; and the third, a $150 fine. Signs will be posted in work zones to let drivers know where cameras are being used.

The fines will be the only consequence of speeding in work zones according to a statement from Wolf's office -

"Violations will not be subject to driving points or merit rating for insurance purposes." That's good news as many states base rates on reported violations. Still, big brother is watching even more now.