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Limited release 'Golden Girls' cereal

Thanks to the creators of Funko Pop figures, you can now enjoy a bowl of Golden Girls cereal for breakfast. The cereal is blue colored, in honor of the "blue haired" characters Sophia, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy from the popular TV show.

The cereal will probably become a collectors item, I mean someone is collecting Golden Girls memorabilia right? The 7 ounce boxes of cereal are being sold exclusively at Target - for a limited time. The food site Delish says that shoppers have spotted the cereal on both the food area of the store and the toy area, depending on how they are stocked locally.

Each box comes with a miniature figure of one of the characters of the beloved show. If you just want the characters, you can order them through Amazon.

Boxes of the "Tasty Treat" cereal have already popped up on resale sites like Toy WIz for as much as $99 a box. There is no word how many boxes were produced or how long they will be available, so you better get a box quick.