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5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

I was blessed with a sense of style and decent God given looks (thanks mom and dad), so I get my share of dates. I meet a lot of these women via the typical methods: Tinder, Match, Plenty of Fish, etc.

Occasionally I will set up a date with a girl I met by using my work in progress day game approach. All said and done, I find that I can go on 3-5 dates per month that include meetings at coffee shops, books stores, and sometimes right at my apartment if I have seen enough photos of the girl and know that I will not be surprised by someone who wasn’t what I expected.

While dating, I have noticed several trends and common characteristics among the women I meet. We all know that the looks usually don’t match up to what you hoped, but even more depressing is the attitude of the millennial female: one of privilege and entitlement. It’s truly a me first attitude and a date is nothing more than seeing what you can give them.

I especially notice that these women tend to gravitate towards certain careers. That’s why I have put together this list of 5 female careers that are major red flags for the modern male that is venturing into the world of dating.

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

Medical Assistant

This girl thinks she will make the same income as a nurse but won’t. She probably has a kid or two already. That’s why she can’t go to medical school or become a nurse. She doesn’t have the time or financial resources to pursue that much education either.

The good news with medical assistants is that they tend to be more down to earth since they don’t come from rich families. But she will constantly tell stories about how the girls at work, and everyone she knows, keep telling her how she should be a doctor. If she is still in school and ever makes it as a medical assistant, she will tell you every night how she is smarter than the doctor she works for.

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

Dental Assistant

These girls tend to be slightly overweight and only average attractiveness, but many can be a decent piece. The problem is the best-looking dental assistants are getting banged by the dentist they work for. That’s why when you go to the dentist there’s always that MILF behind the desk – they have worked there forever and get away with murder because her boss wouldn’t dare fire her, or she might just tell his wife about their affair.

They do get paid better than the medical assistants, so tend to be more independent and might not expect you to pay for the date. They will be extremely judgmental and critical about your appearance though, since they are accustomed to seeing perfect smiles. I actually went on a date once with a dental assistant who actually asked me to smile wide so she could inspect my teeth. I passed, but it showed what kind of standards she had. The girl from my worst date ever actually claimed to be a dental assistant.

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

Beauticians and Hairdressers

It doesn’t matter if she works at the local ten-dollar haircut place or a high-end salon, she lives at home and has unrealistic expectations. Beauticians can make a decent salary, and since they earn good money with little education they become entitled brats. The problem is their income is directly proportional to how much they work since they are paid by the job – and most of them become lazy with a poor work ethic by taking days off of work, etc.

They usually have few bills other than a car payment, so they spend their extra money on fashionable clothes and jewelry. This means they are on the hunt for a man who can provide the lifestyle they crave while they work part time and let their careers dwindle away. She has probably dated a guy who has done jail time or has a baby daddy that soon will. That work ethic sucks later because once you knock her up, she won’t do anything to help pay the bills. She also will be blaming you that she doesn’t have the luxurious life style she had before meeting you.

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags


Absolutely the worst girls to date. I have been on dates with more teachers than probably any other profession, and I can tell you that they were cookie cutters of each other. They will talk incessantly about how they became an educator to make a difference and chose to work in the inner city – but really it was to help repay their school loans.

They are full of leftist views and opinions that will either put you to sleep every night or make you so angry that you want to break something. She will not listen to what you have to say either because her head is full of the feminist indoctrination of whatever liberal arts college she attended.

About half way through dinner, the topic of conversation will turn from why she became a teacher “to make a difference” to how she spends so much money on school supplies because her school is underfunded – hoping that you are going to pick up the check even though she is a feminist who doesn’t believe a man has the right to expect a woman to make him a sandwich.

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

Any Girl Still Working an *Entry Level* Job

If you are still working at an entry level job like Walmart past the age of 25 something is wrong. I mean if your 30 years old and still working part-time in retail as your only source of income - you made mistakes somewhere. It might mean that they had a drug problem when they were younger, or an abusive relationship or divorce that left them as a single mom by age 25.

What that means to you as a single man looking at these women for a potential date is that you must be prepared for their (many) bad choices. They usually have at least two kids, if not three, get some form of government assistance, live at home, etc. Everything bad you can think of. The good news is that these girls are usually a little slutty – but if you’re going to walk down that road you better wear a rain coat and make it a short trip.

5 Female Careers That Are Major Red Flags

Bonus: Strippers

Now overall, stay far away from strippers. But I must admit they get a label that isn’t quite accurate. I’ve had a run in with a stripper or three in my day, and they were less of a slut than the other girls above.

The problem is that they tend to be completely mental party girls with male abandonment issues. It may be daddy issues, or just a serious love that left but after a year or two of the grind (literally) they turn to booze or drugs. So they become more interested in those than guys. If you must pursue a stripper, read my article on strip club etiquette before starting your hunt.