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Sleep and Eat BBQ at the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station

Bastrop, Texas is the home of one the most iconic locations in horror movie history - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station. If you're a fan of horror, the you know the movie, the family, and probably love (for lack of better term) Leatherface. Luckily, the horror movie set has been restored to its original condition and now is a tourist destination that offers sleep overs and BBQ.

On Oct. 8, the owners held a grand reopening of the gas station and added four modest little cabins on the property so that true Texas Chainsaw fans can spend the night. During your visit, you can pick up some quality BBQ - a sandwich is only $6.50. No word on what exactly the BBQ is made from, but our sources say its some of the best around. They take pride in their BBQ and a sign out front says "We Slaughter Barbecue".

If your looking to book a reservation for a Halloween getaway, call their phone number 512-321-SAWS. Yes, that's the real number. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre gas station is located right off Highway 304 at 1073 Texas 304 in Bastrop, Texas. Check out the website by clicking here.