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What is Sexy: Basic Girls

Now that the calendar has rolled over to October, you know that Fall is officially here. That means it's the season when the leaves start hitting the ground and the temperature starts dropping. Fall is the time of sweaters, puffy jackets, and hot beverages. We also get to see a special kind of girl in their native habitat. What we are talking about is the Basic Girl. She is easy to spot because of her basic outfits which usually consist of North Face hoodies and jackets, yoga pants, and comfy boots. Though many basic girls are Caucasian, don't be fooled because there are plenty of basic girls of every skin tone. The most telling sign of a basic girl is her limited diet - pumpkin flavored everything. She will come out of hiding to hunt for those pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks in her Ugg boots. Most likely, she will pick up that Starbucks while shopping for Victoria Secret panties at the mall. She probably has her bestie with her, and they will Snapchat a somewhat sexy pic to you while holding those panties, then Instagram the whole mall trip for everyone to comment "you're so basic". Of course half those pics will have bunny ears and filtering to cover up her zit or bad hair. Because of those flaws they will head over to ULTA to purchase some overpriced makeup that they suck at applying. On the way out of the mall they’ll probably stop by Bath and Body Works for some candles. And you know what? That’s ok. A basic girl knows who she is. She is comfortable in her own basicness, and that makes her sexy. One of our favorite ladies, Hilary Duff, is pretty basic herself. So here’s to you basic girls, we love ya.

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