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Yes.Fit App has a Nessie Virtual Race

Yes.Fit is a fitness tracker app available in the Google and Apple store that offers virtual races that you can participate in from any location. All you have to do is download the app and pick a course. We found a cool course that BDSC readers might like - it's a virtual race around Lake Loch Ness. That's the place where The Loch Ness Monster AKA Nessie has been sighted for hundreds of years. The creature first made world news with the photograph above when a man named George Spicer captured the image on July 22nd, 1933. Ever since, tourists from around the world visit the lake in hopes of catching a glimpse of the creature.

Scotland is a long way to go with out a guarantee of a sighting, but you can participate in the fun of Nessie hunting with the Yes. Fit virtual race. After downloading the app you do have to pay a fee of $27, but will receive a reward upon completion of the race. If you're just starting out on a fitness plan, you can complete the course at your own pace: after each workout, Yes.Fit will send a progress update to you via email and add the accomplishment to your workout dashboard. Once the 43.2 mile course is finished, Yes.Fit will automatically ship the challenge token seen below. It's a pretty cool souvenir for the cryptid hunter or Loch Ness Monster enthusiast. Let us know if you decide to participate in the race and tell us how long it took you to complete the course.