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A Surprising Number of People Name Their Vehicles

42 Percent Of Americans Name Their Vehicles

According to a survey by the GM Buy Power Card, 42 percent of Americans name their vehicles. That's not surprising considering that the car you drive is a reflection of your personality.

Naming a vehicle takes a little time behind the wheel though, and 43 percent of drivers said they wait at least a month before choosing a name for their car. Once a name is chosen, nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of respondents said that naming the car made the bond they felt with their vehicle stronger.

Other factoids from the survey include:

  • Women were 7 percent more likely than men to name their cars

  • About 55 percent of cars identify as female according to owners

  • That makes Betsy and Betty the most popular car names

  • 82 percent of those drivers said they share that name freely with family and friends

  • 56 percent said car personality, make and model, and color influence a vehicle’s name

  • 78 percent of drivers say they know someone else who has named their car

  • Silver is the most popular car color

By the way, it's National Name Your Car Day, so get to it. Do you have a name for your car?

Comment below and tell us what name you gave your car and why.



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