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What is Sexy: Glitter Butts

Back in Spring, a beauty trend swept across Instagram and we totally missed it. I guess it's time to spend more time maintaining our Instagram account. Oh well, we finally got up to speed and this is a trend we can get behind - glitter butts. It's sorta like Glow in the Dark Girls for daytime wear. You see, sexy ladies all over bedazzled their assets with glitter as a way of standing out from the crowd for festival season. Luckily, the trend isn't dead just yet and is actually receiving a new lease on life: this Halloween be on the look out for ladies with pumpkin themed glitter decorating their asses and everything else. Our fingers are crossed that we see a few MILF's going the extra mile to dress up and trick or treat with the kids sporting some Halloween glitter butts. In case you don't get to see and sexy glitter girls in your neighborhood, we have put together a collection of glittery girls below so you too can be in the know. That way you won't think what the heck when you see a lady walk by in nothing but glitter. If you find that this is a trend to your liking and just can't get enough, Glitter brand Go Get Glitter has an Instagram page filled with more sparkling photos.

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