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Illuminati Control: Shout Your Abortion Movement and Population Manipulation

Illuminati Control: Shout Your Abortion Movement

More and more, abortion is becoming the center of a heated debate between the left and right on the political spectrum. The left would have you believe that by not allowing a woman to have an abortion, you are claiming control of her body. The right argues that abortion is murder. Whichever side of the fence you rest on, make no mistake the Illuminati cares little about a "right" to choose abortion: it's a form of population control.

Vocal proponents of the abortion movement have recently included Oprah Winfrey who is now encouraging women to "Shout their Abortion". In fact, the hashtag has been retweeted over 300,000 times. This is probably an attempt at political polarization given Oprah's announcement that she would consider running for President of the United States in the next election. It was a tactic that Hilary Clinton unsuccessfully attempted when running against current President Donald Trump: it's either us or them, and if you are one of them we will make fun of and belittle you. What the left and right both miss is that issues such as abortion are not clear cut. The gray area between the right to choose and right to life is not clearly defined, so making voters pick a side is a grave one, as Hilary Clinton learned on many pressing issues in the last election. More Americans consider abortion morally wrong (48%) than morally acceptable (43%). Furthermore, a 2018 Gallup survey found that when asked, only 29% of citizens believed abortion should be legal in all circumstances, and 50% of those polled believed that abortion should be legal under certain circumstances. Obviously, Americans have mixed feelings on the topic.

So why is abortion such a rally cry of the left right now? Because it's a way of further shaping future world population demographics. Where does the Illuminati come into all of this? The answer again is population control. Who is encouraged to have abortions? Not the third world who cannot feed another mouth, but rather the developed world. The college aged girls who are told that it's ok to abort because the timing isn't right, or the working woman who cannot put a career on hold for a baby right now. The educated, the wealthy, the empowered are the ones who are told to abort. It is all part of the Grand Design - create a population of working-class slaves and eliminate those who could rise up against the intended Illuminati Agenda. Right now, for the most part abortion rates are lowest in the developed world. That must change for the Illuminati to create their working class.

In Oprah's self-titled magazine, she featured a profile of Amelia Bonow, creator of the Hash tag #shoutyourabortion, and described her as "inspirational". Leftist media darling Lena Dunham wishes that she had an abortion and states that those who oppose abortion are in fact, anti-choice. It's a psychological way of appealing to those in the political medium - those who perhaps identify as Libertarian are in full support of freedom of choice, and by polluting the political argument and making it one of choice, the left can strong arm the middle ground voters into supporting their agenda.

According to Daily Wire, a new poll by the feminist site Refinery29 and CBS News found that 54 percent of millennial women do not describe themselves as "feminists." Of women over age 36, only 34 percent identify as feminist. Those numbers need to be skewed to the left for the Illuminati Agenda to proceed. So that's why the political argument for abortion must be framed in terms of "freedom".

#Shoutyourabortion creator Amelia Bonow has a whole Twitter account dedicated to spreading her message of choice and freedom, all while desensitizing women to the act of abortion and making it an act of defiance. One headline describes the act of abortion as "gentle, irreverent, and empowering." In a video testimonial from a woman in Seattle, the process is described as "spiritually empowering", and during the three-day process she got drunk and had "brutal, metal sex," which "you're not supposed to do." Here is a video of a woman who describes her abortion, mentioning that she received free health care, and states that she didn't feel abandoned or sad, didn't tell the man who got her pregnant that she had the abortion, and most importantly - she "didn't look back" as if there is no consequence: